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***Not currently running... sorry we'll try to schedule something later in 2015***

Ever wanted to brew your own beer?

Perhaps you're already brewing at home? Or, looking to surprise someone special with a thoughtfull beer related gift


We now offer one day courses in (full mash/all grain) 'home brewing'.
In one concise day of brewing we'll unravel some of the mystery behind brewing truly great beer.


On the day
An experienced brewer will run our small group of home brewers through an explananation of all the key elements: Including equipment for home-brewing and the construction of a home brewery, the raw ingredients used in brewing and how they fit into recipe formation, the importance of yeast selection and keeping beer clean and fresh. A 40 minute lunch break is provided, bring some lunch with you or choose from several nearby options. A tasting of PIPES beers is also included in the course fee.


What we brew
We'll brew a batch as the day runs typically a pale ale style, and at the end you take home the beer that the group made. Approximately 15-20 pints will be your baby to then nurture through a fermentation and then  ultimately on to your favourite beer glass.


Who should attend?
The course is aimed at 'Home-Brewers', with the intention of de-mistifying some of the terminoligy and processes that surounds the industry. No equipment or previous brewing experience required on the day. Although it is recommended that attendees have a fermentation vessle at home to accomodate the 8-10lt of unfermented 'wort' each course attendant will take home. We will supply a suitable vessle for transportation home and suitable yeast for fermentation. We recommend any atendees also have  equipment for serving/racking/bottling as may be required.

Beginners are all welcome, as too experienced home brewers wanting to add another dimension to their current brews or maybe graduate to all grain brewing?


The where / The when & The bookings?

Courses will run for one full day starting at 10am and are normally finished by 3.30/4pm. Our tiny brewery depicts the size of our group and as such places are strictly limited to 6 'brewers' per course, so prior booking is essential. £85 per person is the current fee to attend.


Join us on one of the dates listed below...








First Released: 05/04/2014

Dark and slightly cloudy, a German 'Roggen' style fermenetd with a traditonal wheat yeast strain. Mild, medium weight and full flavour.

Available in bottle NOW! And through select independant outlets around Cardiff. Why not pop down to the brewery and try before you buy this coming Saturday?
First Released: 22/2/2014

'All hail the Spiced Punk'n Ale' Our latest seasonal specialty released somewhat unseasonally...

Spicy, slightly cloudy pumpkin goodness in a glass. At PIPES we are forever creating, tweaking and searchng for new and wonderful beer flavours to create in our artisan brewery, this latest release encompases the subtle sweetness of 100% pure pumpkin in our brewing process combined with our secret blend of pumpkin-pie spices. It's the winter-warmer pumpkin-pie in a glass so suited to this cold grey winter sky.

As with all our beers we've released our Punk'n Ale full flavoured and completely additive free, it sports a deep amber/pumpkin-organge hue with moderate spice complexity on the nose and palate. And it's completely vegan friendly.

Available in bottle NOW! And through select independant outlets around Cardiff. Why not pop down to the brewery and try before you buy this coming Saturday?

We're pleased to announce the commision of our new micro-plant 'MINI-MAC' we have a good many ‘new-brews’ to come this year. And starting now, you’ll not have tasted anything quite like what’s on offer. The beer revolution has begun... PIPES from this little guy will taste of generously hopped Pale Ale - the light and hoppy summer session brew. Then come the fun and funky Champagne Beers, Belgian Tripples and Imperial Stouts to name but a few. We're aiming for 1-2 additions to the brewery taps each and every
BAR OPEN. Be sure to stay tuned for the brewing adventures of our Mini-Mac.


BARE NAKED BEER (2008-2013) 

  Most of you may be aware of our recent branding change? Since March 2013 we are no longer 'Bare Naked Beer', and now trade as PIPES. Same great preservative free/unadulterated beer - different name. You'll start seeing a lot more of us in and around Cardiff and South Wales, and anywhere else that authentic Craft Beer may be worshipped.

More details regarding the 'Brand Battle' here:

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