We won’t pack you in this tightly, but it’s the kind of vibe we want…!

We’ve been so desperate to make this announcement!
Sending out crates for delivery and filling people’s arms with bottles in the yard for the past few months has left us yearning- it’s lovely seeing you all, but these encounters are always so brief.

Thankfully, we are now back open for pints in the yard! Our opening hours are:

Thursday 5-9.30PM
Friday 5-9.30PM
Saturday 3-9.30PM (open from 12 for takeaway only)
Sunday 12-4PM (if the flower market isn’t here!)

We trialed reservations, but found that it wasn’t a good fit for the communal yard, so we’re back to walk-ins only. If you want to call ahead to see if there’s space available you can do so on 07776382244, or send us an email at

It’s been great having you back!

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