We won’t pack you in this tightly, but it’s the kind of vibe we want…!

We’ve been so desperate to make this announcement!
Sending out crates for delivery and filling people’s arms with bottles in the yard for the past few months has left us yearning- it’s lovely seeing you all, but these encounters are always so brief.
We’re delighted to be opening back up for pints again from (DATE)- we’ll be doing things a little differently this time, and allocating a large portion of our seats to our new booking system.
Booking a table is a fairly easy process- visit our TableAgent page, choose the day you want to visit, what time you want to show up, and how many people you’ll be knocking back a pint with. Lay down a small deposit (that you’ll get back as your first pint), and spend the time beforehand crackling with excitement, as we will be.

Small print!
Max table size: 4 (subject to guidelines from the Welsh Government)
Max stay: 2 hours (also subject to guidelines from the Welsh Government)

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