Now that we’ve got a date for outdoor hospitality to resume, we’re excited to open up for pints once again from the end of April! Below you’ll find a link to our reservation page, where you can book a table for up to 4 people, for a maximum of two hours.

Things to bear in mind:

-Max group size is 4 people for now!
-Your table will be held for 15 minutes after your booking slot. After this your table and deposit will be forfeit.
-Once you’re seated your deposit can be refunded to you (at the end of service, amount dependent on no-shows); an individual’s deposit can also be used to claim a free pint or glass of wine in person instead.
-Table service for pints only! We are using Yoello, as we were before Christmas. Takeaway bottle orders can still be made at the bar.
-2 hour maximum stay- we will be enforcing this strictly to sanitise seating for other guests in between bookings.
-Masks will be required until you’re seated! This includes making trips to the toilet or other vendors.
-Seating is not moveable or expandable.
-Respect others’ personal space! Maintain social distancing with other parties. Please consult current Welsh Government guidance for the latest information. (
-Come dressed/prepared for all weather! We will put awnings out in seating areas for rain cover, but other than that you’re on your own.
-Management reserve the right to refuse entry.